An alternative way to give

Switzerland for UNHCR launches Art for Change, an annual subscription program as an innovative way to raise funds, connecting blockchain technology with humanitarian communities for positive impact.

Art through blockchain, in the name of humanitarian aid
Change the way you donate

Our collaboration with Everdreamsoft, a swiss-based company pioneering the use of blockchain technology in the global game industry, resulted in the launch of an annual subscription program where you can subscribe to donate on an annual or bi-annual basis, and receive an exclusive digital collectible in return every month.

Each digital collectible represents one of the 13 most underfunded crises under UNHCR’s mandate, such as Bangladesh, South Sudan or Venezuela.

This initiative aims to change the lives of people forced to flee by raising unearmarked funds for the most pressing needs on the field, but not only. We also want to change the way fundraising is done and how digital collectibles can be perceived. We truly believe blockchain can be a powerful tool for the humanitarian field.

The importance of planning ahead

A year-long program gives UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency the opportunity to plan on longer term, assisting forcibly displaced people in a more efficient way and provide for both existing and underfunded as well as new emerging crises.

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