Our latest news in relation with the emergencies.

Yemen: the world's largest humanitarian crisis.
Eight years. That's how long the crisis in Yemen has already lasted, a civil war that has forced more than 4 million people to move within the country. A devastating crisis, which has destroyed health services and food supplies in the country.
Ukraine: already 1 million refugees forced to flee
More than one million refugees have fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries in the past week. If the situation continues to deteriorate, there will be up to 12 million people inside Ukraine, and 4 million refugees from Ukraine.
Tigray: an ongoing conflict
Recent developments in the conflict in Tigray pose a real challenge to the stability of the entire region. Today, 4.6 million people, or 83% of the population of Tigray, are facing food insecurity.
Afghanistan: returning home only to face more hardship
After decades of war that have forced people to flee, the Afghan population is once again on the move, no longer fleeing conflict, but the combined effects of climate change and economic collapse.
The climate crisis is a human crisis
COP26, the international climate summit, ended on November 12, with a climate "compromise", which UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres describes as insufficient.