Our latest news in relation with the emergencies.

Pakistan: under water and rubble
Torrential rains and floods of unprecedented brutality and magnitude have caused destruction and death across Pakistan.
“Even here we might die because we have nothing”
The Horn of Africa region is currently experiencing its worst drought in over 40 years. After four failed rainy seasons and a fifth on the horizon, millions of people have had to flee their homes.
Horn of Africa: worst drought in 40 years
In Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, people are suffering from one of the worst droughts in 40 years. 18.4 million people are on the verge of famine. A new challenge for people already forced to flee in the region.
New tragedy in Afghanistan
A powerful earthquake has hit southeastern Afghanistan, with early reports of over 1000 deaths and many more injured.
Yemen: the world's largest humanitarian crisis.
Eight years. That's how long the crisis in Yemen has already lasted, a civil war that has forced more than 4 million people to move within the country. A devastating crisis, which has destroyed health services and food supplies in the country.