Underfunding for UNHCR

“We face impossible decisions to meet the greatest demand we’ve ever seen”

"It's heartbreaking to see these people"

The conflict in Sudan broke on April 15th 2023 - it's going in its second year now. Millions of people had to flee already. They urgently need help, says Dr. Mamadou Dian Balde. He is UNHCR's Regional Director for East and Horn of Africa and Great Lakes and the Regional Refugee Coordinator for the Sudan Situation. But UNHCR is lacking resources...

Humanitarian crisis in Sudan: "It's inhuman!"

The conflict in Sudan has triggered a huge humanitarian crisis. The situation is also very difficult for Sudanese people in Switzerland. Gibreil Hamid, for example, says that most people here don't even know where Sudan is. And he is very worried: "I never have contact with my family".

Aiming Higher

"Aiming Higher" is the name of the UN Refugee Agency's program to give refugees a chance to continue their education after high school. The ambitious program plans to increase refugees’ access to higher education from 3 to 15% by 2030.  

What we do

UNHCR is present in over 130 countries to support people forced to flee conflicts and persecution. 

91% of all 18,879 employees of UNHCR are fieldworkers on the frontline to help those forced to flee conflicts and persecution. Beyond emergency relief, UNHCR makes sure to find sustainable solutions for refugees for a better future. 

million people uprooted worlwide at the end of 2023
of uprooted people in the world are children
million people are stateless
refugees have been resettled in 2023
Switzerland for UNHCR

Switzerland for UNHCR, a foundation under Swiss law, is UNHCR's national partner in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It was established in 2020 to promote closer ties with the Swiss population, and to mobilize critical funds essential to fulfill UNHCR’s mission. 

Art For Change - A subscription program that gives back
Switzerland for UNHCR, in collaboration with EverdreamSoft, is launching Art for Change - an annual donation subscription program. This innovative approach offers an alternative way to donate, providing assistance to support forcibly displaced people.
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