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They were once refugees
People forced to flee have always contributed to their host communities and sometimes even to the world. We look back on some famous refugees who have shaped history or are major figures in the world today.
Everyone has the right to seek safety
Every year, 20 June is World Refugee Day. This year, the theme of World Refugee Day is the right of every person to find refuge.
Yemen: the world's largest humanitarian crisis.
Eight years. That's how long the crisis in Yemen has already lasted, a civil war that has forced more than 4 million people to move within the country. A devastating crisis, which has destroyed health services and food supplies in the country.
Gillian Triggs: women in forced displacement
Today is international women’s day. In partnership with Corriere del Ticino, we decided to mark this day not only by talking about the challenges faced by forcibly displaced women, but also by highlighting the advances made in terms of gender equality.
In Switzerland
10 things you didn't know about refugees
There is what is said about refugees. And then there is the reality.We have collected 10 points to try to debunk some of the prejudices and clichés about these people who have been forced to leave everything behind to reach safety.