Humanitarian crisis in Yemen

The ongoing civil war in Yemen, which started in 2015, has caused the world's worst humanitarian crisis to date: four out of five Yemeni can’t survive without outside aid, and 17 million people are on the brink of starvation.  

A humanitarian catastrophe stemming from a devastating conflict. 
21.6 million
Yemenis depend on humanitarian aid to survive
Yemenis do not have the means to buy food
17 million
Yemenis are on the brink of starvation
4.5 millions
people are internally displaced
A fragile country brought to its knees by war  

Conflict in Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, has severely worsened the state of this fragile country. 

Escalating violence has disrupted millions of lives, killing large numbers of people, mostly civilians.  

More than 23 million people, men, women, children, the elderly and disabled people, are desperately looking for safety, shelter, and assistance, and are struggling to survive every day. 

Fleeing as means of survival 

High-levels of insecurity in Yemen have caused massive displacement, putting the displaced at risk.  

More than 2 million people are currently struggling to survive far from home, with no way to fulfil their basic needs. The conditions they live in are harrowing.   

The situation is so dire that one million displaced Yemenis have given up hope and are trying to return home, although their safety is in no way guaranteed. 

UNHCR’s response 

We implement protection, shelter and non-food item projects. We provide emergency shelter and distribute essential items to everyone living in the 20 conflict-affected governorates. In 2022, 437,900 Yemenis received basic relief items, and 127,200 emergency shelters.   

We also support health facilities, which have been severely weakened by the effects of war. More than one million cases of cholera have been reported in the country since 2018, 25% being children. COVID-19 has further intensified the health crisis.  

We offer legal and financial assistance, as well as psychosocial support services.   

There are 100,000 refugees and asylum seekers from other countries who have stayed in Yemen despite the conflict. They are particularly at risk and we continue providing them with protection and assistance.   

We need your support 

The conflict in Yemen has no end in sight, and with the level of humanitarian needs, the situation will only get worse.  

Lack of funding – less than 25% of the requested amount was raised – is limiting UNHCR’s capacity and we are unable to respond to the Yemeni population’s overwhelming needs.  

Without support, many more lives will be lost to violence, to treatable diseases and to shortages of food, water and shelter.  

We need your financial support more than ever if we want to continue providing emergency aid to the people in Yemen. 

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