We are looking for a millionnaire

Perhaps you have opened the latest issue of BILANZ or its French counterpart BILAN and seen it: We are looking for a millionaire. And there's a simple reason for this - more than 114 million refugees around the world are in urgent need of help. And we need money for that.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, cares for people around the world who have been forced to flee their homes. Their lives are in danger because of war or persecution. UNHCR provides these people with the most basic necessities, ensures that their rights are respected and that they can build a new future for themselves. As more and more conflicts flare up around the world, the number of refugees is increasing rapidly. So rapidly that the costs are exceeding UNHCR's resources: Only around half of the required resources are covered. This means that UNHCR cannot provide sufficient help everywhere, for example to displaced people in Sudan, Afghanistan or Myanmar. And now that winter is coming, the situation is becoming even more precarious: the low temperatures are making life even more difficult for people in many crisis areas. They urgently need suitable accommodation, heating, warm clothes and blankets.

Watching the suffering of refugees around the world is almost unbearable. We give the Swiss population the opportunity to act: Anyone and everyone can donate. But Switzerland for UNHCR, the national partner of UNHCR in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, is directing its appeal specifically at the richest people in this country. They have the means to change the fate of people who have been forced to flee. And they also have the opportunity to send a strong signal of solidarity and motivate others to do the same.

Our unusual search for a millionaire or millionaires is unique in Switzerland. But this bold step shows one thing above all: it's almost twelve o'clock, 114 million displaced people around the world can't wait any longer.

Will you be the one making a difference? Reach out to Cristina Davies, our Executive Director via email or by telephone at +41 78 236 67 27.

You can also support UNHCR's efforts by donating through our online donation page.