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An alternative way to give

On April 21st for World Creativity and Innovation Day, we announced our latest innovative project - Art for Change - in collaboration with swiss artist Panpancucul and EverdreamSoft, a Geneva-based company pioneering the use of blockchain technology in the global game industry. 

The project has officially launched last week at Decentral House, a hub for blockchain enthusiasts in Geneva - and it was a night of great success! 

Many individuals showed amazing support by joining the event, and were offered an exclusive sneak peek into the collection of 12 digital collectibles that were all displayed physically and available for purchase.  

''I love cycling and spaghetti'' - Get to Know Julien de Preux Aka PanpanCucul


Julien, who are you?

I'm 42 years old. I was born in Valais in Switzerland and grew up in Geneva. I trained as a graphic designer and went on to work in advertising as an Art Director and then Creative Director in several agencies in Switzerland, Canada, London, Paris and Zurich. I co-created the cavalcade agency in 2016, which I left in 2020. Today I'm the founder of Studio Panpan, where I illustrate on a daily basis for publishing, murals, institutional mandates and lots of other things. I'm covered in tattoos that tell my story, I have two children aged 15 and 13, and I love cycling and spaghetti.

Why taking part in ‘’Art For Change’’? 

For me, the Art for Change project is an opportunity to put my art at the service of humanitarian causes. As a child, my mother raised a lot of awareness to us about poverty in the world and today, with all the wars raging, it seems essential to me to be able to contribute in one way or another to helping people in difficulty. We're very lucky here in Switzerland. Perhaps we don't realise it enough. There are going to be more and more refugees, and migration, whether political or climatic, is going to increase. We need to be open, loving and emphatic. It's our brothers and sisters who are in trouble. PanpanCucul is a project of love. It makes perfect sense.

What is your vision on using art to raise awareness?

I think art is a universal language. The drawings I've done don't need words to be understood. Anyone can understand them. They are illustrations that represent hope, joy and peace. I didn't want to show distress, because everyone knows distress. And today we need to spread love to counter hate.

Any closing words?

Peace. Love. For everyone.

About the project

Art for change is an annual subscription program where you can subscribe to donate on an annual or bi-annual basis and receive an exclusive digital collectible in return every month. Each digital collectible represents one of the 13 most underfunded crises under UNHCR’s mandate, such as Bangladesh, South Sudan or Venezuela. 

Changing perspectives 

This initiative aims to change the lives of people forced to flee by raising unearmarked funds for the most pressing needs on the field, but not only. We also want to change the way fundraising is done and how digital collectibles can be perceived. We truly believe blockchain can be a powerful tool for the humanitarian field. 

The importance of planning ahead 

While any donation remains highly appreciated, there is however, a lack of regular donations that are crucial for planning assistance more efficiently. A year-long program gives UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency the opportunity to plan on longer term, assisting forcibly displaced people and provide for both existing and underfunded as well as new emerging crises. 

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