Fri 04/11/2022 - 17:40

When art and humanitarianism meet

Prestigious contemporary and modern art gallery Hauser & Wirth has announced an online auction that will take place from 6th to 13th of December 2022, featuring important works donated by the gallery’s renowned artists, to help raise funds for both UNHCR’s Ukraine emergency operations and for the organization’s humanitarian interventions in the world’s most forgotten situations.  

The project took shape through conversations with their artists and is part of the gallery’s latest initiative under the ‘’Art for Better’’ banner, created to platform an ongoing series of philanthropic projects with local, regional and international impact. The totality of the proceeds will go towards life-saving assistance to millions of displaced people that were impacted by global refugee crises. 

The artists generously participating in this initiative:

Rita Ackermann, Larry Bell, Frank Bowling, George Condo, Martin Creed, Estate Günther Förg, Rashid Johnson, Glenn Ligon, Angel Otero, Thomas J Price, Avery Singer and Anj Smith. 

Rita Ackermann, 'Red Dots' (2020)
Avery Singer, ‘Happening’ (2022)
Larry Bell, 'Ukraine' (2022)
Frank Bowling, 'Crossings: East West Tunnel' (2011)
George Condo, 'In vasion' (2022)
Martin Creed, Work No. 669, 'FRIENDS' (2007)
Günther Förg, 'Untitled' (2006)
Rashid Johnson, 'Bruise Painting "Pure Love" (2021)
Glenn Ligon, 'Study for Negro Sunshine (Red) #63' (2022)
Angel Otero, 'Curtains of a Silent Window' (2022)
Thomas J Price, 'Untitled (Icon 3) (detail)' (2017)
Anj Smith, 'Untitled (Mayday)' (2011 – 2020)

Shirin Pakfar, Chief of Private Partners and Philanthropy at UNHCR confirms her delight to collaborate with Hauser & Wirth and their outstanding artists. ‘With over 100 million people now uprooted worldwide, this support comes at a crucial time for our organization and the people it serves’, she added. 

Hauser & Wirth see themselves as members of a worldwide community, and by supporting UNHCR they can participate in a humanitarian effort that transcends borders.