Together with refugees
You often use the words “together, side by side, with refugees…” What exactly do you mean by that?

We often use those words and expressions because we want to make sure everyone understands that UNHCR’s projects and responses could not be made possible without our donors’ support. As an organisation, we stand by refugees every step of their journey. By giving regularly to our cause, donors are as much a part of this journey as we are. “Together, side by side” includes all the people who support us financially on a regular basis, by setting up automatic monthly, quarterly, or yearly donations. When a disaster strikes or a conflict erupts, the first few hours are vital. That’s when the needs are the most urgent because few actors are present. Regular donations give us the necessary flexibility to act quickly, just like we did in February 2023, when two massive earthquakes devastated Türkiye and Syria. That is why we say that, together with regular donors, we are able to actually stand with refugees.

You speak of the various steps of their journey towards a new life. Can you tell us more?

The journey that refugees have to undertake is usually long and complicated. By “journey”, I do not mean the physical one, but the emergency situation – a conflict, a natural disaster, or any event that disrupts someone’s life – that will force them to have to rebuild their lives, and that will be full of moments when all they can do is hang on to hope and dignity. Our regular donors’ commitment is what makes it possible for us to offer our support to displaced people in the midst of a crisis and beyond, by giving them access to education, training, jobs, etc.

Why give regularly using Direct Debit?

For many reasons. For donors, it allows them to spread their support throughout the entire year. It is also a flexible solution, as donors can choose to stop or suspend their donations, or even modify the amount, at any given time. It remains the easiest and most efficient way to help those in need. And in return, they are able to follow what UNHCR is doing and see the impact of their gifts, thanks to the regular project updates they receive. Not only does regular giving allow us to respond very quickly to emergencies, but it also helps us anticipate and plan our activities to the best of our abilities, to steer refugees towards long-term solutions. Thereby helping them rebuild their lives. Finally, the more we receive regular donations, the lower our admin and fundraising costs are because we spend less time looking for funds. In that way, a larger part of our budget can go directly to our humanitarian projects.

How can I set up a monthly donation?

It’s very easy. First, choose your method of payment, then, the amount you would like to give, and finally, the frequency.


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