Emergency response, anywhere in the world

UNHCR has 18,879 people working in 137 countries, ready to intervene at any time.

Their primary mission? To provide life-saving assistance to people forced to flee their homes during humanitarian emergencies. 

The teams protect the most vulnerable people, build safe shelters and ensure access to water, food and health care.  

UNHCR's emergency response

A response in 72-hours

The response has three complementary and simultaneous pillars : 

  • Providing essential items (tents, blankets, mattresses, cooking utensils) throughout the world
  • Deploying teams of experts (in shelter, sanitation, health and other basic needs)
  • Organising a cash flow to directly support the emergency, including critical funds to purchase essential items locally, to build shelters and registration centres, and more.
Responding to the emergency, and preparing durable solutions

UNHCR works with partners and local communities to provide security and protection, but also to build opportunities for the future of people forced to flee. 


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