Crisis in Sudan

Since the start of the conflict in Sudan on 15 April 2023, millions of people have been forced to flee their homes. 

The crisis in Sudan in figures

In one year, the violence of the conflict in Sudan has forcibly displaced thousands of families. 

6.6 million
internally displaced people
1.79 million
Sudanese refugees in neighbouring countries
South Sudanese refugees forced to return home because of the conflict
25 million
people at increased risk of famine

A brutal conflict 

The crisis in Sudan, pitting the forces of the ruling army against the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), has already caused tens of thousands of deaths and injured thousands more. As is often the case, the main victims of this conflict are the civilian population. Faced with clashes, they have no choice but to flee to safety. 

Sudan, a country that has taken in large numbers of South Sudanese and Ethiopian refugees, is now itself in the grip of a major humanitarian crisis. Every day, hundreds more families are forced to leave their homes. 

Neighbouring countries under high tension 

The majority of Sudanese refugees have found refuge in Egypt, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Chad. In Chad, more than 556,000 people have arrived since the start of the conflict, in addition to some 300,000 internally displaced Chadians who have had to flee the violence. The pressure on this country is enormous, and needs are growing daily. 

In South Sudan, over 640,000 South Sudanese refugees have returned to their country, fleeing armed conflict once again. The situation in their country of origin, which is undergoing reconstruction, is unstable, and the arrival of large numbers of returnees presents an additional challenge.

UNHCR's humanitarian response

Since the beginning of the crisis in Sudan, UNHCR has worked tirelessly to help people forced to flee. They have benefited from access to drinking water and sanitation facilities. Essential items such as mattresses, blankets and cooking utensils have been distributed. Shelters have been transported and set up to enable entire families to sleep under cover. Although the security situation in Sudan is becoming increasingly difficult for its staff, UNHCR continues to work day and night to assist those who have had to leave everything behind. 

Your support is essential 

In Sudan and neighbouring countries, the needs of Sudanese refugees and internally displaced people continue to grow. As more and more people are forced to flee, the supply routes are becoming less and less accessible.  

In order to help the most vulnerable people in the region, UNHCR and its partners need your support. In April 2024, less than 13% of the emergency response funding needed to help those forced to flee during the year has been raised. 

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