"Seuls en exil": the story of three unaccompanied refugee minors
On the occasion of the book's official release, we met Kalonji to find out more about the creative process and the importance of dealing with this theme.
In Switzerland
Underfunded crises: 12 countries in desperate need of support
Throughout a series of three articles, we will have a closer look at the countries UNHCR is most concerned about, given their severe underfunding, starting with the situations in Bangladesh, Chad, Colombia and The Democratic Republic of the Congo.
A hopeful future for young refugees
After being forced to flee, education becomes difficult to access for many refugee children. 
They were once refugees
People forced to flee have always contributed to their host communities and sometimes even to the world. We look back on some famous refugees who have shaped history or are major figures in the world today.
Pakistan: under water and rubble
Torrential rains and floods of unprecedented brutality and magnitude have caused destruction and death across Pakistan.
“Even here we might die because we have nothing”
The Horn of Africa region is currently experiencing its worst drought in over 40 years. After four failed rainy seasons and a fifth on the horizon, millions of people have had to flee their homes.
After 6 months of conflict, winter is around the corner in Ukraine
It has now been 6 months since the Russian invasion of Ukraine has started. While the conflict drags on and winter approaches, millions of displaced people will face harsh conditions to go through the cold months.
Echos from the field
Standing with Refugees : AWAS
We travelled to Bern for our 12th article to meet Maryam Sediqi, as well as Khaleda Sajjadi Maeder and Homayra Danishyar-Sajjadi. All three of them are founding members of AWAS, the Afghan Women Association in Switzerland.
Standing with Refugees
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2022 : What impact ?
The past year has been marked by many events. Here is an overview of some of the situations to which your contributions were allocated in 2022.
Refugee Portraits: Lida Naeim-Jäggi
For the 7th article in our series, we met Lida, who fled Afghanistan with her family at the age of seven.For the past 10 years, Lida has lived in Ireland, where she is finalising her PhD at Trinity College Dublin on the topic of the refugees.
Refugee Portraits
Refugee Portraits: Svitlana Olieinikova
For the sixth article in our series, we met Svitlana, who had to flee Ukraine earlier this year when the war broke out. Today, she is still managing her consulting company and working with an association that helps Ukrainian businesses in Switzerland.
Refugee Portraits