Armenia Emergency: Rising numbers of refugees require urgent action
After the decades-old situation in Karabakh flared up again last week, the number of people fleeing to Armenia is on the rise. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, expresses deep concern about this development and classifies the situation as an emergency.
Catastrophic floods in Libya
North-East Libya was hit by Storm Daniel, resulting in the collapse of two dams in the coastal city of Derna.
"With the arrival of the Taliban, the days of music were numbered"
About 40 young musicians between 14 and 20 years belong to the Afghan Youth Orchestra. They dreamed of careers in the arts - until two years ago, when the Taliban unexpectedly seized power in the country again.
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Education is hope: Back to school also for refugee children
At the end of this week, the summer vacations will be over for all schoolchildren in Switzerland. On Monday, it's time for the rest of them to pack their backpacks and head off to class.
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Zurich Film Festival: Switzerland for UNHCR new charity partner
Go to the movies and support refugees at the same time: that's possible at the Zurich Film Festival ZFF, the second-largest film festival in the German-speaking world.
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1st of August: No reason to celebrate for stateless people
What must it feel like for a person who lives in a country that does not recognize them? For which they don´t really exist? And to know that their own government won´t provide for their safety?
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