Violence in the DRC


People are fleeing their homes at an alarming rate, while increasing violence is destroying lives and livelihoods throughout the country.

The scale of the crisis in a few figures
Successive waves of conflict have continued to uproot the Congolese
6.3 million
of internally displaced persons in the DRC
1.1 million
refugees from DRC hosted in African countries
of the displaced are children
refugees from neighbouring countries are received in the DRC despite this situation
A new wave of violence

Recurrent violent attacks have resulted in the loss of many lives and the destruction of communities. In the east of the country, the security situation is deteriorating and civilians are increasingly being targeted, while frequent human rights violations continue to be perpetrated by various armed groups.

Atrocities are compounded by food insecurity and the spread of disease due to disrupted access to health services. 

Thousands of civilians are currently fighting for their lives.

A country one flees, but also a country of refuge

Armed conflict in much of eastern DRC in recent years, as well as inter-communal violence, continues to uproot Congolese both within and beyond the country's borders.

As the new wave of conflict forces many Congolese to flee, the country also hosts more than half a million refugees from neighbouring countries.

What UNHCR does

UNHCR ensures the protection of vulnerable people in the DRC, especially women and children, and provides them with vital support.

More than one in five people are under the age of five, and women and children are particularly at risk of exploitation and abuse. A woman in DRC will be raped on average once in her lifetime. 

The challenges of getting aid to those in need continue to grow. Strengthening public health, sanitation and water supply is essential to prevent disease.

We are also providing protection and assistance to Congolese refugees in neighbouring countries, in collaboration with the authorities and partners, including those forced to flee during the latest wave of violence.

Your support is essential

In 2022, in view of the gravity of the situation, UNHCR and its partners launched an urgent appeal for CHF 207 million. Only 30% of these funds have been raised. A fund needed to ensure immediate protection and humanitarian assistance to refugees, and to help rebuild the lives of uprooted people in surrounding countries of asylum.

We need your help.