Wed 09/08/2023 - 16:55

Faces full of joy 

On the occasion of our 5th collaboration in the Cardano community, we have partnered with renowned crypto artist Chadi Nassar, and launched Faces 04 – A world without displacement. It is a limited NFT collection in support of forcibly displaced people and other individuals of concern, with 50% of the profits going to the UN Refugee Agency’s operations in the field and towards its innovation programmes. Together we wanted to shed light on UNHCR’s eight ongoing emergencies, namely Afghanistan, DRC, Horn of Africa drought, Rohingya, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela emergencies. The goal was to give a glimpse of what it would be like to live in a world with no displacement. Nassar  portrays the  joyful side of people who we often see represented in refugee camps with a sad expression on their face. 

Let your imagination run wild 

This is now Nassar’s fourth edition of incredibly realistic, however, fictional individuals created through AI generation. His retro collage-inspired art has many layers and colours, creating depth and hiding many details on the possible lives of these individuals. It’s up to each one of us to use our imagination; some might be vendors at the local market, others taxi drivers, botanists, while some might dream of becoming air pilots. The only certain thing is that forcibly displaced people are just like you and me, they have ups and downs, hopes, dreams and passions. 

From the blockchain to your wall 

For this special edition, we have put in place the burn-to-print feature which is the possibility of burning your NFT and have it sent to you in a printed version. Burning an NFT means destroying it from the blockchain. The process involves sending a token to an un-spendable address that no one has access to. Once you burn an NFT, you cannot recover it. This is however a great option for those who are less Web3 savvy and prefer admiring their NFT in a physical version on their walls. 


  • Drop:  7 August, set to last for 3 weeks 

  • Edition of 88 1/1 NFTs, 11 for each ongoing emergency 

  • Randomized process 

  • Price: 288 ADA (Approximately 92 CHF) 

  • Burn to print feature 



About our partnership with the Cardano Foundation: 

Early 2023, Switzerland for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency national partner in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, announced an innovative collaboration with the Cardano Foundation, at the core of their Annual Global Impact Challenge. 8 months have passed, and many conversations were initiated within the Cardano community with the goal to raise awareness on the plight of people forced to flee but also to attract delegations on WRFGS, our stake pool for refugees, built on the Cardano blockchain. 

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