Wed 11/10/2023 - 11:58

There are currently more than 110 million people on the run worldwide - a record. Solidarity is more in demand than ever. Nevertheless, they are increasingly discriminated against in many places. Together we can change this, among other things with a signature.  

UNHCR has therefore launched the global campaign "Hope Far from Home" with an accompanying petition. It wants to make the global population aware of the situation of asylum seekers and ensure that they are protected. Because no one chooses to be a refugee voluntarily.  

These people have had to leave their homes because war has forced them to do so. Because they are persecuted because of their religion or their political convictions. Or because of their sexual orientation.  

They are looking for a safe place to stay. And seeking asylum is actually also a universal human right. But it turns out that it is more and more in danger. In many places in the world, refugees are being made increasingly difficult. They are being politically instrumentalized, which encourages xenophobia.  

 Venezuelan refugees are arriving in Brazil. ©UNHCR/Adriana Duarte
Venezuelan refugees are arriving in Brazil. ©UNHCR/Adriana Duarte
Refugees had no choice, but we here do: Do we want to give preference to fear and mistrust or rather humanity and compassion? 

Sign the petition

Make the right choice and sign our petition. With your signature you demand urgent measures to protect people who have had to flee. And your voice will be heard: we will hand over the signatures to leading politicians from all over the world at the Global Refugee Forum in mid-December. They are coming together in Geneva to find solutions for refugees and reach agreements. The petition increases the pressure on them to consider the needs and rights of people who have been displaced from their homes.  

Thank you very much for your support and sharing this message!